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The CARSIC HOUSE in Repen is a very well preserved example of the characteristic and spontaneous Carsic architecture, which, within an enclosed courtyard borjac combines the living areas and the agricultural buildings. The main architectural of the buildings are: the stone ROOF covered by stone TILES; the big CHIMNEY; the walkaround BALCONY; the STONE FRAMES of the doors; the WINDOWS framed by stone and enclosed by grilles; the WALL which protects the courtyard from the bora ( Trieste's strong wind ); the STONE PORTAL kaluna with a wooden door at the entrance in the house courtyard. The house, with its agricultural buildings and the borjac cannot be precisely dated, but very probably dates back to the end of the XVIII century. Its present appearance is that of 1831, when the last additions were made and it was renovated. Subsequent building work was exclusively aimed at its conservation. Due to its humble purpose, the farmhouse maintains the true appearance of the ancient houses typical of the Carst, charactrised especially by the use of stone as a building material and for ornamental purpose.


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