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The Oplen house


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Obytný dům, Interiér

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The living culture museum, or Oplen House in Studor, was opened to the public in 1991. All the exhibition areas are equipped with the original furnishings of its last owners, which is why the house is an interesting representation of the living culture of the Bohinj population of the beginning of the 20th Century. The current building was most likely built in the beginning of the 19th Century, replacing the older wooden house. It is of the stretched-out type, which houses the living and working areas in the same room. The building is made of stone and wood. The living quarters comprise an entrance hall with a kitchen, the house and a room (the “kamra”) and the attic and basement. It is one of the few houses where it is still possible to start a fire in the hearth of the black kitchen. “The house” is the central living area with a table under the domestic altar (the “bogkov kot”), benches and a ceramic oven. The attic or so-called “ispa” served as a storage space for foodstuffs, as well as clothes, shoes, tools and so on. The working area of the house comprises a stable, barn and a separate storage area for manure. Just as in the old days, the barn houses farm tools and utensils. Many of these items were donated to the museum by the locals.

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