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  1. Hortobágy Bridge Fair47.64864821.186383article

    The Hortobágy Bridge Fair was first organised in the 19th century as an animal fair. Through the years more and more craftsmen visited the fair. The tradition was renewed in 1978, and has been...

  2. The Goat Cheese Farm49.97058215.324878article

    Farm Nový Dvůr is an organic farming company founded in 2006, located near Česká Lípa (Northern Bohemia), which introduces traditional goat milk and other dairy products to the daily menu and life....

  3. Ethnographic Collection Pr’ Mnčknih46.15124114.995463article

    Volunteers coordinated by the Slovene Ethnological Society, the Ethnographic collection Palčeva šisa and the Museum of Ribnica arranged an exhibition in the old barn in the Trava village. This was...

  4. The Gyűrűfű Eco-Village, Hungarian Living Villages47.16249419.503304article

    Gyűrűfű Foundation ( is an independent environmental organisation focusing its activity on the local watershed situated in the southern hills of Zselic. The foundation was registered...

  5. Horse breeding0.0000000.000000articleTurgenev

    Horse breeding - mainly used to obtain tractive force, later for transportation purposes. It relates usually to the pack horses (Equus caballus). At the end of the Neolithic period and in the early...

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  1. András napi vásár03.12.201747.03166819.780386event

    Nagykőrös városban nagy hagyományokra tekint vissza a vásározás. A település első vásárainak megtartási jogát még a 16. században kapta.

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  1. Grilova domačija8. 9. 201546.35341115.161490servicemuseum

    Grilova domačija je v ekomuzej preurejena stara viničarija na nekdaj vinorodnem pobočju Lipja pri Velenju. Domačija obsega hišo s črno kuhinjo, zelenjavni in zeliščni vrt, čebelnjak, vinograd in...

  2. Muzej na prostem Rogatec1. 9. 201546.22588915.700031servicemuseum

    Prvotna ideja o ohranitvi rojstne hiše pesnika Jožeta Šmita je z leti prerasla v največji lokalni muzej na prostem v Sloveniji, ki je bil l. 1997 nominiran za evropski muzej leta. Je znanstveno...

  3. Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Vas County Region6. 6. 20140.0000000.000000servicemuseumVasi Múzeumfalu

    The museum shows how people in the past two and a half centuries lived in the villages of Vas county. The peasant world of old ages and colourful ethnographical and natural heritage of the western...

  4. Intermunicipal Museum of Kamnik5. 6. 201446.22305114.605758servicemuseumSlamnikarji

    Ethnological collection The collection consists of museum objects providing the visitors with insight into everyday, usual and typical cultural forms and contents of everyday life of certain social...

  5. Šenk´s homestead in Jezersko25. 5. 201446.40800814.520841serviceaccommodation

    Šenk homestead is the pearl of the Alpine architecture and typical nucleated rural settlement of the area. Here we find eight buildings; all roofed with wooden roofing in a layout designed more than...

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Haymaking in Zgornje Posočjep46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Haymaking in Zgornje Posočje....


  3. burnerp49.21248921.308902archive1

    "Kahanek" - burner used during night fishing with fork bars....


  4. carriagep49.23427422.400751archive1



  5. cattle pasturep49.43805521.680461archive1

    Cattle pasture (cows with shackles)....


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