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ETNOFOLK project conference and workshop took place in Banská Bystrica

23. 10. 2013




Folk belief and religion

Geographical area



The conference on traditional beliefs and workshop on good practices in preservation of cultural heritage organized in frame of ETNOFOLK project took place on October 7th and 8th in Banská Bystrica. The event was organized by Matej Bel University.

The ETNOFOLK conference was dedicated to the topic „Traditional belief“. Contributors presented results of their reseach on changes in traditional belief and religion in the period of post-socialist transformation in Central Europe. The abstracts of the conference can be downloaded from here.

The workshop that took place on October 8th focused on presentations of good practices in preservation and utilisation of folk culture heritage in Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. Ethnological analyses of these practices will appear on our project portal together with recommendations for stakeholders active in folk culture heritage utilisation. Experts from various sectors (public administration, marketing, tourist industry, education, non-governmental organisations etc.) have been closely collaborating with the project partners.

Konference o lidové zbožnosti

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