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Folk costume in Slovenia

12. 9. 2013




Folk costume

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Folk costume in Slovenia

Regional distinctions in clothing of Slovenian rural inhabitants, established by sewing patterns of women’s and men’s clothes, were preserved until the end of the 19th century, in some rural parts until the 2nd World War. They can be generally characterised as Mediterranean, Alpine or Pannonian type of folk costume. Folk costumes that are still in use – mostly worn by members of folk dance groups, folk musicians, tourism and village societies – are usually reconstructions of the 19th century clothes. In some areas people still dress in traditional costumes for special occasions such as for parish fair, local festival and other important events. The break with tradition can be seen in fabric and small details, but the main pattern is still preserved. One version of the Gorenjska/Upper Carniola folk costume from the 19th century represents the Slovenian national costume.

The main characteristic of folk costumes from Pannonian region is white linen fabric. This type extends from Prekmurje (northeastern part of Slovenia over the river Mura) and Štajerska/Styria to Bela krajina/White Carniola. (Owner of the photo: Academic Folklore Group France Marolt.)

In Alpine clothing area (Gorenjska/Upper Carniola, Koroška/Carinthia, Dolenjska/Lower Carniola, part of Štajerska/Styria and one part of Primorska/Littoral region), female folk costume consists of short blouse, skirt with corset, apron and head wear while male folk costume consists of shirt, waistcoat and tightly tailored knee or over knee-length pants. (Owner of the photo: Academic Folklore Group France Marolt.)

Female Mediterranean folk costume consists of wide long linen under shirt and long wide tunic. In coastal parts of Slovenia, these types of clothes were already worn in the Middle Ages. (Owner of the photo: Academic Folklore Group France Marolt.)

»Avba« (the type of a cap), »sklepanec« (a brass woman belt) and a red carnation are attributes of Slovenian national folk costume that derived from costumes worn by peasants in the Gorenjska/Upper Carniola in the 19th century. (Owner of the photo: Academic Folklore Group France Marolt.)

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