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Horse breeding

20. 6. 2013




Livestock breeding

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Czech Republic

Horse breeding - mainly used to obtain tractive force, later for transportation purposes. It relates usually to the pack horses (Equus caballus). At the end of the Neolithic period and in the early Bronze Age, horses came to the area of central Europe. Until the turn of the 10th and 11th century the number of horses was relatively low, after which it started to increase. From the 18th century state stud farms began to appear. Horses were extensively used until the 19th century, when their breeding began to decline slowly. By the mid-20th century there was a rapid decrease in the number of horses bred. Today horses are bred mainly for sport, to a lesser extent for labour (wood transport in forests), tourism or representative purposes. In the Czech lands the Kladruby horse, Lipizzan horse, the Thoroughbred horse, and the Czech and Moravian horses have been bred. Less serious diseases and injuries were treated by blacksmiths, whereas severe conditions in more recent times were treated by vets.

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