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Hortobágy Bridge Fair

15. 8. 2014




Traditional crafts, Livestock breeding

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The Hortobágy Bridge Fair was first organised in the 19th century as an animal fair. Through the years more and more craftsmen visited the fair. The tradition was renewed in 1978, and has been organized annually ever since. As the fair is a gathering event for herdsmen, it helps to preserve the traditions of animal husbandry and the related crafts. The importance of the fair is strengthened by the fact that Hortobágy and the 9-hole Bridge are important elements of the Hungarian identity.

Locality Hortobágy, Great Hungarian Plain
Time Annually, August
History (cyclicality) Traditional fair since the 19th century
Organizer Local government
Realisation team Local government, craftsmen, tradesmen, herdsmen, folk artists from several parts of Hungary
Target group Local people and tourists
Traditional culture elements Gathering of herdsmen, animal market, traditional crafts, intensification of business contacts
Environmental criterion The Hortobágy 9-hole Bridge is a symbol of the Hortobágy and the Hungarian identity as well
Ethnographic criterion The biggest animal fair, gathering place for craftsmen and professionals form the folk culture
Cultural-historical criterion Renewal of animal fairs, keeping the traditional role of the Hortobágy as a gathering place for herdsmen and craftsmen. It connects with the traditional animal husbandry of Hortobágy
Aesthetic criterion The aim of the programme is to preserve the Hungarian traditions with traditional crafts, herdsmen, folk art groups. However, modern rock bands also appear in the program.
Ethical criterion There is no ethical problem
Psychological criterion An important element in the identity of local and Hungarian people. For craftsmen it is a kind of prestige to take part in this fair.

Photo by © Dániel Babai


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