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  • Changes of traditional beliefs

    Documentary movie "Changes of traditional beliefs" presents current form of selected pilgrimages - traditional pilgrimage site Mátraverebély Szentkút in Hungary (13th century) and new pilgrimage site Litmanová (1990) in Slovakia. Introduction contains expert commentary about changes of traditional beliefs in central Europe in 18th century.


  • Baroque travels of czech pilgrims to the upper Hungarian Šaštín Poutní okruh Šaštín 48.651057, 17.143764

    Among the frequently visited Marian sites of pilgrimage was also the town of Šaštín in Slovakia which was a destination for processions from the Czech, Moravian-Silesian territory soon after 1732. One of the motivating incentives for undertaking pilgrimages was the fact that the pieta of Šaštín’s Seven Sorrows of the Virgin was considered the Madonna that worked miracles. After all, there is plenty of evidence to support this in the form of manuscripts and printed miracle books dating back to 1732–1794.


  • History of slovakian pilgrimage place Šaštín and Šaštíns´ collections of miracles Šaštín - zázraky u českých poutníků. 48.642891, 17.144451

    The origine of basilica comes from 1736, when monks of st. Paul - paulines builded the church, which was designed by Matej Vepi. Today is monastery under the administration of the Salesian Order. Permission to adorate of the statue of Seven Sorrows of the Virgin from 1564 gave archbishop Imrich Esterházy in the year 1732. The official list of processions of the Olomouc diocese of 1771 turned out to be beneficial for mapping out the late Baroque tradition from the Czech lands to upper Hungarian Šaštín. This list appeared in response to the Imperial Ordinance of 1771 which laid down that records should be kept of all pilgrimages and processions organised in the Olomouc diocese. The resulting product of the imperial rescript became written material which recorded the situation based on the answers received from 59 deaneries. The collected data showed which deaneries and parishes pilgrimages were made from to Šaštín, to which feasts these pilgrimages applied, and they also recorded information about the distances.


  • ETNOFOLK project conference and workshop took place in Banská Bystrica Konference o lidové zbožnosti

    The conference on traditional beliefs and workshop on good practices in preservation of cultural heritage organized in frame of ETNOFOLK project took place on October 7th and 8th in Banská Bystrica. The event was organized by Matej Bel University.


  • Folk ceremoniousness and religious life

    Folk ceremoniousness and religious life in Slovenia