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  • Dnevi teric/Days of women scutching flax 46.182198, 14.059981

    “Dan teric/Days of women scutching flax” is the event with ethnographic presentations of the linen processing which also educates people about local history. During the event processing of linen is shown; it is performed by the locals wearing traditional costumes.


  • Pisanica (an Easter Egg) from Adlešiči

    The best eggs for decorating should be smooth so the colour sticks evenly. First, the eggs are blown out: piercing the shell on both ends and blowing out from one of either hole, so the contents spill out.


  • The folk art of Gorenjska Region 46.238569, 14.354482

    The folk art of Gorenjska Region is showcased by artistically and exceptionally well crafted items for everyday use, which are based on their primary function in everyday life, arranged into four chapters, namely folk architecture of the Gorenjska region, the interior furniture of the apartments, the festive and work areas of a typical Gorenjska person and his spiritual culture.


  • Folk art – painting, sculpture, grave-stones…

    Slovenian folk art