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  • Traditional natural healing - preparations of animal origine Anatomie užovky 49.817492, 15.472962

    Animals accompanied man from time immemorial and next to the means of vegetable and mineral to the healing of the applied means of the animal, which had various ways of use. From the consumption of raw animal organs, through the ways of extraction of various substances from animals until after the use of waste, bones, horns etc Another option was to healing based on some of the animal characteristics and capabilities of the (blood sucking). Part of folk medicine has been as animals domestic and wild.


  • Traditional natural healing - preparations of mineral origin Žlučové kaménky 49.817492, 15.472962

    Preparation of mineral origine played in traditional natural healing important role. Some of this preparations are a part of contemporary official medicine today. Most important in legacy of our ancestors is watter (ordinary or holy), various kinds of sand or clay, some of industrial products (paraffin, glycerine), lime or lead. Using of preparations of mineral origin was connected with many of magic practices, important were objects with mysterios origine (thunderstone) or originate from man or animal (gall bladder stone).


  • Byliny v lidovém léčitelství Podběl lékařský

    Byliny v lidovém léčitelství označují soubor rostlin, které se využívaly v lidovém léčitelství za účelem uzdravení nemocných nebo jedinců, kteří došli k závěru, že jsou pod vlivem magie. Využívání bylin v lidové léčitelství se vyvíjelo souběžně se stupněm jejich poznání, se zkušenostmi lidí při jejich přípravě a používání. V průběhu doby lidé postupně odhalovali různé léčebné postupy, které byly úspěšně aplikované v léčbě řady fyzických i psychických onemocnění. Mnohé byliny byly používány i na několik nemocí najednou.


  • Folk medicine

    Folk medicine - A set of traditional practices for healing people and animals. It consists of both - the knowledge of the organism gained through long term observation , superstitious ideas and magic as well. A certain degrees of awareness regarding healing practices was a part of common knowledge in households, however, in more severe cases specialists - healers were sought. The healing tradition was usually inherited within a family unit. Healing through herbs was documented as far as the ancient Slavs. After 1948 folk medicine was prohibited and since 1989 it is experiencing a revival along with oriental medicine and esotericism is gaining popularity. The most common healing method in the Czech lands was herbal medicine, magic, to a lesser extent massages, joint remedy, obstetrics, and even some surgical procedures.


  • Folk veterinary medicine Léčba zvířat

    Folk veterinary medicine – a set of practices and knowledge used in domestic animal healing and disease prevention. Each household had at least basic knowledge of animal health . Veterinary operations were usually performed by shepherds, blacksmiths and knackers, or to a lesser extent by human healers or Gypsies. Professional veterinary medicine developed in the 19th century. Animal health was secured through supernatural ways as well. Christian saints, mainly the Virgin Mary, and patrons of each animal species, were asked for protection. Basic traditional healing methods included the use of herbal or mineral medicine, poultices, massages but also invocation.