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  • Traditional architecture in Upper Lusatia - village Jonsdorf Jonsdorf01 50.847532, 14.704556

    Traditional folk architecture in Upper Lusatia (Saxony) in Germany is very clouse to traditional buildings of North and North-west Bohemia. You cane see good examples of timbered and halftimbered houses with construction carring floor or roff in Lusatia style (lužická podstávka/lausitzer Umgebinde). Jonsdorf in Lužické Mountains is nice illustration of preservation and enhancement of traditional architecture today. (Pics by © Jaroslav Otčenášek, 2014)


  • Vanished village Vitín Zbytek domu01 50.674720, 14.198890

    Vanished village Vitín is situated on the hillside of Mount Buková near by Labe river close to Malé Březno. Village was created approximately in the 14th century and functioned up to 1945. Village was not after forced moving out of local Germans inhabited and because of complicated acces was village deserted in the course of 50´s years. Today can wee find here only ruins of houses and the rest of orchards. (Foto: © Jaroslav Otčenášek)


  • Municipality of Úterý - protected area of traditional architecture Hrázděný dům 49.940294, 13.004336

    In the city of Úterý we cane still find many hictorical buildings-monuments of traditional folk architecture (half-timbered houses). Protected area was proclaimed 1992. (Foto: © Jaroslav Otčenášek)