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Portal into a Timeless World


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  • Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Vas County Region Vasi Múzeumfalu

    The museum shows how people in the past two and a half centuries lived in the villages of Vas county. The peasant world of old ages and colourful ethnographical and natural heritage of the western border can not only be discovered in form of permanent...


  • Museum of Lake Cerknica - Interpretation centre Lake Cerknica 45.777017, 14.360702

    The lake lives its own life, changing its image from a dry flat karst plain (known as polje) to the largest lake surface in Slovenia.


  • Goričko nature park 46.693349, 16.170502

    For years Goričko has been a forgotten region since the Slovene perception of Prekmurje reached only as far as the Mura river and the fertile plain along it. The course of events was slower here, and due to the isolation and the Iron Curtain Goričko...


  • Kozjanski park 46.032440, 15.619812

    Kozjanski Park covers an area of 206 sq. km. It has the status of regional park and it is also the largest regional park in Slovenia. The boundaries of Kozjansko region are not precisely defined. The area south of the Voglajna river, west of the Sotla...