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  1. Dnevi teric/Days of women scutching flax46.18219814.059981article

    “Dan teric/Days of women scutching flax” is the event with ethnographic presentations of the linen processing which also educates people about local history. During the event processing of linen is...

  2. Pisanica (an Easter Egg) from Adlešiči0.0000000.000000article

    The best eggs for decorating should be smooth so the colour sticks evenly. First, the eggs are blown out: piercing the shell on both ends and blowing out from one of either hole, so the contents...

  3. Wooden Houses with Traditional Ornamental Painting in Čičmany48.95583018.516571article

    Traditional timber houses in Čičmany are famous for their ornamental decorations. The ornaments are inspired by the local embroidery tradition. Owners of private houses preserve the objects in their...

  4. The folk art of Gorenjska Region46.23856914.354482article

    The folk art of Gorenjska Region is showcased by artistically and exceptionally well crafted items for everyday use, which are based on their primary function in everyday life, arranged into four...

  5. Juraj Jánošík0.0000000.000000articleJánošíkova družina

    (baptized Jan 25 1688 in Varín – executed Mar 18 1713 in Liptovský Mikuláš) was a legendary Slovak thief, who later became a part of folklore. In years 1707 and 1708 he took part in the uprising of...

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  1. Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Vas County Region6. 6. 20140.0000000.000000servicemuseumVasi Múzeumfalu

    The museum shows how people in the past two and a half centuries lived in the villages of Vas county. The peasant world of old ages and colourful ethnographical and natural heritage of the western...

  2. Muzej jaslic3. 12. 20130.0000000.000000servicemuseum

    Muzej jaslic prikazuje duhovno in kulturno bogastvo, ki so ga pri Mariji Pomagaj na Brezjah darovali in zapisovali rodovi romarjev. Ima dve temeljni zbirki, ki se med seboj dopolnjujeta. Prva priča o...

  3. Galerie Joži Uprky v Uherském Hradišti11. 11. 201349.06755517.459403servicemuseum

    Inauguration of renovated Jesuit college in Uherske Hradište 31 August 2012 became an event that symbolically returned to the culture environment of the former Baroque center of learning. In the...

  4. Matyó Múzeum - Mezőkövesd7. 11. 201347.80000020.550000servicemuseum

    A Matyó Múzeum 1952-ben alakult. A matyó népviselet történetét és a hímzés fejlődését bemutató kiállítása 1953. július 26-án nyílt meg. A múzeum 1962-ben került a Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Múzeumi...

  5. Ethno Gallery14. 9. 201346.27236313.952491serviceshopping

    Ethno Gallery in Bohinjska bistrica.

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Knowledge base

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  1. blanketp49.18139520.747211archive1

    Lace blanket for the bed (so called plahotka)....


  2. crossp48.91838119.321541archive1

    Cross stone gravestone....


  3. crossp48.91838119.321541archive1

    Wooden cutted gravestone....


  4. embroidered draperiesp48.83333117.166667archive1

    Two draperies (Heľpa), with fringe. First drapery has triangle motifs (yellow, blue, red), around 1920. Second drapery has three stripes and rectangular and “S” motifs, around 1930 (collector Má...


  5. embroidered draperiesp48.83333117.166667archive1

    Drapery (Heľpa) with fringe, made of two bonnets with rectangular motifs, each ended by a semi archof the bonnets frilling, between white canvas – around 1918 (collector Mária Chladná)....


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