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  1. The Woodcarvers’ Days in Štiavnické Bane48.43944218.865273article

    Woodcarvers´ Days (Rezbárske dni) is a regular and popular event in Štiavnické Bane. The village is located near the city of Banská Štiavnica which is the centre of the region with a long and...

  2. Wooden Carved Crosses in Detva and the Detva Calvary48.56037619.419143article

    Wooden carved crosses that can be found along roadsides, by churches or other sacred places are typical material culture phenomena of the Podpoľanie region in Central Slovakia.

  3. The “With Fire and Sword” Festival (Meeting of Hungarian Cutlers, Smiths and Gunsmiths)47.19115518.408840article

    The “With Fire and Sword” festival ( has been organised yearly since 2004. The aim is to introduce traditions and techniques of the crafts of cutlers, smiths and gunsmiths. The...

  4. The Túri Fair47.00236720.628803article

    The Túri Fair Fair ( is is famous in Hungary and there is even a folk song about it. The settlement received the right for keeping yearly a country fair in 1411. The tradition has...

  5. Hortobágy Bridge Fair47.64864821.186383article

    The Hortobágy Bridge Fair was first organised in the 19th century as an animal fair. Through the years more and more craftsmen visited the fair. The tradition was renewed in 1978, and has been...

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  1. Mestni muzej Krško5. 6. 201445.96817415.484608servicemuseum

    Stalna razstava: Soba medičarstva in lectarstva Kustosinja razstave / Kustosica izložbe / Exhibition Curator: Alenka Černelič KrošeljAvtorice / Autorice / Authors: Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Nina...

  2. The Straw Hat Museum28. 4. 201446.13758414.590355servicemuseumSlamnikarski muzej

    The Straw Hat Museum carries out its mission through the permanent exhibition of the vast collection of straw hats, manufacturing materials and equipment, as well as copious documentation that...

  3. Technical Museum of Slovenia25. 4. 201445.94651514.332327servicemuseum

    The main museum collections of the TMS are located in the former Carthusian monastery in Bistra near Vrhnika. In addition to visiting the collections and participating in great many activities...

  4. Muzeum a galerie severního Plzeňska (Mariánská Týnice – Kralovice)2. 4. 201449.98513013.462390servicemuseum

    The regional museum located in the former Cistercian place of pilgrimage is situated 40 km north of Pilsen. Church of the Annunciation, one-storey building of provost and cloister with frescos were...

  5. Muzeum a Pojizerská galerie (Semily)2. 4. 201450.60339015.334910servicemuseum

    The museum in town Semily shows the region of the upstream of the river Jizera basin with a view to ethnography and arts, humanities and social spheres.

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Knowledge base

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  1. Flight to Egyptp46.1514.566666666667archive1

    Wodden carving....


  2. artistic mounting of a psalterp48.15666919.254657archive1

    Artistic mounting of a psalter. Cithara sanctorum....


  3. Easter eggsp49.18139520.747211archive1

    Egg Carving with a file (Samuel Štefko - 1903)....


  4. Professional Laundry in Bizovikr46.03333333333314.566666666667archive1

    Bizovik, a southeastern part of Ljubljana, is the oldest area of a professional laundry in Slovenia. This obliging home craft needs enough running water with a suitable access (streams Dolgi potok and...


  5. drotárska práca\ tinker workp49.78333318.433333archive1

    J. Kerák, Veľké Rovné: Klietka, 45x23x32 cm. Výstava "Umenie drotárov."...


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