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  1. The Slovak and European Championship in Cooking and Eating Halušky, Turecká48.84851619.087788article

    Halušky competition in Turecká is a part of a broader annual event called Fest Halušky Turecká which is a combination of a competition in cooking and eating traditional dish “halušky” with musical...

  2. Competition in Cooking Štiarc (Traditional Dish of Miners)48.80752319.132042article

    The event of cooking traditional dish štiarc has been organised since 2001 in the originally mining village of Špania Dolina, the reservation of folk architecture.

  3. Tradition of the “Millerʼs Wafers” (Molnárkalács) in Borsodnádasd48.12311620.245708article

    Making ‘miller’s wafers’ [molnárkalács] is a vibrant local tradition in the town of Borsodnádasd (in north-central Hungary). The development of the sweet wafer derives from the holy Eucharistic wafer...

  4. Rétes – Strudel festivals46.89663016.392750article

    “Rétes” (strudel) festivals are organised in a number of settlements in Hungary every year. Strudel is a traditional dish not only in Hungary, but in several countries of Central Europe. At these...

  5. The Plum Jam Cooking Competition48.08555022.624557article

    The plum jam cooking competition in Szatmárcseke is organised every year in August since 1998. The participants build their wood-fired oven stoves, and the plum jam without sugar is cooked at low...

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  1. Ethno Gallery14. 9. 201346.27236313.952491serviceshopping

    Ethno Gallery in Bohinjska bistrica.

  2. Desetnica14. 9. 201346.23800414.355203serviceshopping

    Ethno gallery and shop in Kranj.

  3. Augustin Krystyník - Wheelcraft15. 4. 20130.0000000.000000servicecraftingFoto

    Carriage wheels from Vsetin, repair carriages My name is Augustin Krystyník, I am from the village in the district of New Hrozenkov Vsetin and deal with wheelswrights. Wooden carriage wheels are...

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Knowledge base

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  1. Flight to Egyptp46.1514.566666666667archive1

    Wodden carving....


  2. artistic mounting of a psalterp48.15666919.254657archive1

    Artistic mounting of a psalter. Cithara sanctorum....


  3. Easter eggsp49.18139520.747211archive1

    Egg Carving with a file (Samuel Štefko - 1903)....


  4. Professional Laundry in Bizovikr46.03333333333314.566666666667archive1

    Bizovik, a southeastern part of Ljubljana, is the oldest area of a professional laundry in Slovenia. This obliging home craft needs enough running water with a suitable access (streams Dolgi potok and...


  5. drotárska práca\ tinker workp49.78333318.433333archive1

    J. Kerák, Veľké Rovné: Klietka, 45x23x32 cm. Výstava "Umenie drotárov."...


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