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  1. Wheelwrights0.0000000.000000article

    Wheelwrights - the craft of making wheeled vehicles, agricultural tools and other products from wood. In the Czech lands the occurrence wheelwrights craft is documented since the 14th century....

  2. Toy making0.0000000.000000article

    Toy making, the domestic production and distribution of toys. In the Czech lands it emerged during the 18th century and peaked in the 19th century. It developed as an alternative livelihood of...

  3. Bakery craft0.0000000.000000article

    Bakery craft - A food craft dealing primarily with bread making, but also other types of pastry (most often rolls, buns, cakes or marble cakes). It occurred as specialised craft only in towns, in...

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  1. Bořické koláče - M. Vondrovicová5. 4. 201349.42806112.972540serviceeating

    Naše provozovna v malé vesničce Bořice (2 km za Domažlicemi směrem na Klatovy) nabízí bohatý sortiment cukrářské a pekařské výroby. Naší hlavní specializací jsou chodské koláče. Na Chodsku jsou dva...

  2. The Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia8. 9. 201546.37855815.044984servicemuseum

    Tradition with the Leather Smell Leather craft was an important traditional craft during the centuries. This craft overgrew to the industrial level in the period of industrialisation and in the 20th...

  3. Hiša izročila4. 7. 201445.78589614.341005serviceother

    Izobraževalni center za nesnovno kulturno dediščino za ohranjanje dediščine Cerkniškega polja.   HIŠA IZROČILA je uspela na razpisu Veliki projekti EEA grants s projektom: V ISTEM ČOLNU-MLADI...

  4. Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Vas County Region6. 6. 20140.0000000.000000servicemuseumVasi Múzeumfalu

    The museum shows how people in the past two and a half centuries lived in the villages of Vas county. The peasant world of old ages and colourful ethnographical and natural heritage of the western...

  5. Intermunicipal Museum of Kamnik5. 6. 201446.22305114.605758servicemuseumSlamnikarji

    Ethnological collection The collection consists of museum objects providing the visitors with insight into everyday, usual and typical cultural forms and contents of everyday life of certain social...

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  1. Flight to Egyptp46.1514.566666666667archive1

    Wodden carving....


  2. artistic mounting of a psalterp48.15666919.254657archive1

    Artistic mounting of a psalter. Cithara sanctorum....


  3. Easter eggsp49.18139520.747211archive1

    Egg Carving with a file (Samuel Štefko - 1903)....


  4. Professional Laundry in Bizovikr46.03333333333314.566666666667archive1

    Bizovik, a southeastern part of Ljubljana, is the oldest area of a professional laundry in Slovenia. This obliging home craft needs enough running water with a suitable access (streams Dolgi potok and...


  5. drotárska práca\ tinker workp49.78333318.433333archive1

    J. Kerák, Veľké Rovné: Klietka, 45x23x32 cm. Výstava "Umenie drotárov."...


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