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  1. Fishery0.0000000.000000article

    Fishery - A set of human activities related to fishing and fish farming for food. In the Czech lands the most frequent species has traditionally been carp and to a lesser extent trout. Fishing has...

  2. Small animals breeding0.0000000.000000article

    Small animals breeding - refers to poultry, rabbit, pigeon, dog and cat breeding. Within the folk tradition it was rather a complementary breeding. Poultry was bred mainly for eggs, meat, fat,...

  3. Sheep breeding0.0000000.000000articleOvčárna

    Sheep breeding is part of the livestock sector. In the Czech lands farm sheep were widely raised (meat, milk), later merino sheep (wool). Seasonally sheep were herded in the sluice, respectively...

  4. Viticulture0.0000000.000000articleTroja

    Viticulture - agricultural branch dealing with growing and cultivation of grapes and winemaking. In the Czech lands viticulture emerged along with the spread of Christianity in the 10th century....

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  1. MUSEUM OF ALPINE DAIRY FARMING IN STARA FUŽINA17. 5. 201446.28866613.894894servicemuseum

    The museum was opened in 1971. It is set up in an abandoned village cheese dairy, built in 1883, where cheese was still produced in 1967. In summer, experienced cheesemakers were in charge of the...

  2. Muzeum a galerie severního Plzeňska (Mariánská Týnice – Kralovice)2. 4. 201449.98513013.462390servicemuseum

    The regional museum located in the former Cistercian place of pilgrimage is situated 40 km north of Pilsen. Church of the Annunciation, one-storey building of provost and cloister with frescos were...

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Haymaking in Zgornje Posočjep46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Haymaking in Zgornje Posočje....


  3. burnerp49.21248921.308902archive1

    "Kahanek" - burner used during night fishing with fork bars....


  4. carriagep49.23427422.400751archive1



  5. cattle pasturep49.43805521.680461archive1

    Cattle pasture (cows with shackles)....


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