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  1. Kranjska klobasa – The Kranjska Sausage46.26443614.391539article

    Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage) is a typical Slovenian meat product. This kind of sausage is mentioned in the beginning of the 19th century as the product of a butcher in Upper Carniola....

  2. The Slovak and European Championship in Cooking and Eating Halušky, Turecká48.84851619.087788article

    Halušky competition in Turecká is a part of a broader annual event called Fest Halušky Turecká which is a combination of a competition in cooking and eating traditional dish “halušky” with musical...

  3. Competition in Cooking Štiarc (Traditional Dish of Miners)48.80752319.132042article

    The event of cooking traditional dish štiarc has been organised since 2001 in the originally mining village of Špania Dolina, the reservation of folk architecture.

  4. Easter in the Ski Resort Chopok South48.95709319.596950article

    Employees of the restaurant at the ski lift annually prepare an Easter feast for visitors. The offer reflects regional culinary culture (lamb goulash, ham, eggs). In order to emphasise a festive...

  5. Tradition of the “Millerʼs Wafers” (Molnárkalács) in Borsodnádasd48.12311620.245708article

    Making ‘miller’s wafers’ [molnárkalács] is a vibrant local tradition in the town of Borsodnádasd (in north-central Hungary). The development of the sweet wafer derives from the holy Eucharistic wafer...

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  1. Jánošikova koliba, Terchová24. 10. 201349.25691719.044691serviceeating

    After visiting Vrátna dolina, visit also our cozy restaurant Jánošíkova koliba in Terchová. We offer you tasty dishes of our region, bryndzové halušky (sheep cheese dumplings), pirohy, strapačky,...

  2. Slovenia's Houses of Tradition14. 9. 20130.0000000.000000serviceaccommodation

    Slovenia's Hiše s tradicijo (Houses of Tradition) cordially invites you to experience a unique, richer holiday atmosphere in a traditional environment. Houses of Tradition are distinguished by...

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  1. milk jugsp49.27271421.291754archive1

    Milk jugs....


  2. cabinetp49.27271421.291754archive1

    Painted cabinet, dated 1833. "Olmarija" for food storage....


  3. straw containersp48.15666919.254657archive1

    Containers made of straw (bigger from Devičny, Levice District, smaller from Cerovo)....


  4. baking sheetp48.77967118.176443archive1

    baking sheet for the wedding cake "radostník"...


  5. breadp49.21437121.310435archive1

    Home made bread....


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