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  1. Trdelník50.07553814.437801article

    Traditional Hungarian pastry, known also within the culinary heritage of the Czech Republic. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, and sold by street vendors in open stalls at...

  2. Grondali – A Revitalized Homestead with a Winery in Slovenian Istria45.54805913.730188article

    Abitanti, typical village in Slovenian Istria hinterland, bordering Croatia, was abandoned for twenty years. Many houses stood empty for fifty years or more. The inhabitants were left to live and...

  3. Mushrooms0.0000000.000000articleMuchomůrka červená

    Mushrooms (Fungus) are organisms earlier categorized among plants, valued like food. Mushrooms have a numerous distribution, mainly in forests or in places with some trees. In mushrooms we cane find...

  4. Changes of traditional food0.0000000.000000article

    Changes of traditional food

  5. Abstracts from the conference Traditional Food Culture in Central Europe0.0000000.000000articleTraditional food and wine

    The conference was organized in frame of ETNOFOLK project by Research Centre for the Humanities at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It took place on April 19th 2013 in Budapest.

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  1. Bořické koláče - M. Vondrovicová5. 4. 201349.42806112.972540serviceeating

    Naše provozovna v malé vesničce Bořice (2 km za Domažlicemi směrem na Klatovy) nabízí bohatý sortiment cukrářské a pekařské výroby. Naší hlavní specializací jsou chodské koláče. Na Chodsku jsou dva...

  2. Hiša medu Božnar6. 8. 201446.06884614.312624serviceeating, shoppingHiša medu

    Božnar čebelarstvo d. o. o. je privatno podjetje, ustanovljeno leta 1990. V podjetju je 7 zaposlenih. Imamo dolgoletne izkušnje s področja pridelave in predelave čebeljih pridelkov. Surovine dobimo...

  3. Open-Air Ethnographical Museum of Vas County Region6. 6. 20140.0000000.000000servicemuseumVasi Múzeumfalu

    The museum shows how people in the past two and a half centuries lived in the villages of Vas county. The peasant world of old ages and colourful ethnographical and natural heritage of the western...

  4. Šenk´s homestead in Jezersko25. 5. 201446.40800814.520841serviceaccommodation

    Šenk homestead is the pearl of the Alpine architecture and typical nucleated rural settlement of the area. Here we find eight buildings; all roofed with wooden roofing in a layout designed more than...

  5. Small Museum of Butter in Máslovice25. 2. 201450.20000014.366667servicemuseumMuzeum v Máslovicích

    Idea of establishing of museum of butter was connected with name of village: Máslovice (Buttervillage). Museum was founded by ing. Helena Sýkorová and in 12. 12. 1997 was opened. Support for new...

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  1. milk jugsp49.27271421.291754archive1

    Milk jugs....


  2. cabinetp49.27271421.291754archive1

    Painted cabinet, dated 1833. "Olmarija" for food storage....


  3. straw containersp48.15666919.254657archive1

    Containers made of straw (bigger from Devičny, Levice District, smaller from Cerovo)....


  4. baking sheetp48.77967118.176443archive1

    baking sheet for the wedding cake "radostník"...


  5. breadp49.21437121.310435archive1

    Home made bread....


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