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  1. Pisanica (an Easter Egg) from Adlešiči0.0000000.000000article

    The best eggs for decorating should be smooth so the colour sticks evenly. First, the eggs are blown out: piercing the shell on both ends and blowing out from one of either hole, so the contents...

  2. Competition of Cart-Horse Owners (Preteky furmanov)47.63578423.818359article

    The furman cart-horse competitions are popular events in Slovakia which present special skills of furmani and their horses in overcoming different obstacles and disciplines. This kind of event takes...

  3. The Túri Fair47.00236720.628803article

    The Túri Fair Fair ( is is famous in Hungary and there is even a folk song about it. The settlement received the right for keeping yearly a country fair in 1411. The tradition has...

  4. Competition in Cooking Štiarc (Traditional Dish of Miners)48.80752319.132042article

    The event of cooking traditional dish štiarc has been organised since 2001 in the originally mining village of Špania Dolina, the reservation of folk architecture.

  5. Easter in the Ski Resort Chopok South48.95709319.596950article

    Employees of the restaurant at the ski lift annually prepare an Easter feast for visitors. The offer reflects regional culinary culture (lamb goulash, ham, eggs). In order to emphasise a festive...

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  1. Staročeské máje - XIV. poberounský folklorní festival0.0000000.000000photogalleryDomažlická dudácká muzika v Berouně

    Průvody, Ceremoniály žádání o právo, Kácení májky, Pobožnosti, Stylové jarmarky. Přehlídka folkloru ve středních Čechách

  2. Máje 2013 - Kublov49.94470213.875962photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Fotografie ze staročeských Májů v obci Kublov (Beroun), které se konaly v sobotu 11.5.2013.

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  1. The Passion play in Carinthia, Austriap46.6514archive1

    The Passion play at Kostanje/Köstenberg....


  2. Crib from Kropap46.28333333333314.2archive1

    Crib from Kropa....


  3. Hindp46.26666666666715.25archive1

    Wooden (horse?) head with movable lower jaw....


  4. House crib from Mengešp46.1514.566666666667archive1

    House crib from Mengeš....


  5. Reconstructed weddingp46.26666666666715.233333333333archive1

    Reconstructed wedding....


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