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  1. Tradition of the “Millerʼs Wafers” (Molnárkalács) in Borsodnádasd48.12311620.245708article

    Making ‘miller’s wafers’ [molnárkalács] is a vibrant local tradition in the town of Borsodnádasd (in north-central Hungary). The development of the sweet wafer derives from the holy Eucharistic wafer...

  2. Rétes – Strudel festivals46.89663016.392750article

    “Rétes” (strudel) festivals are organised in a number of settlements in Hungary every year. Strudel is a traditional dish not only in Hungary, but in several countries of Central Europe. At these...

  3. The Plum Jam Cooking Competition48.08555022.624557article

    The plum jam cooking competition in Szatmárcseke is organised every year in August since 1998. The participants build their wood-fired oven stoves, and the plum jam without sugar is cooked at low...

  4. Fish Cooking Festival in Baja46.20403618.958375article

    Baja, “the capital of fishermenʻs soup” organises a fish cooking festival every year on the second Saturday of July. About 2000 non-professional teams (locals and visitors) cook the famous fish soup...

  5. Koliščarski dan – The Pile dwellers Day46.05694714.505752article

    Pile Dwellers Day (, first organized by the local Association Fran Govekar Ig ( five years ago (2008) in an...

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  1. Staročeské máje - XIV. poberounský folklorní festival0.0000000.000000photogalleryDomažlická dudácká muzika v Berouně

    Průvody, Ceremoniály žádání o právo, Kácení májky, Pobožnosti, Stylové jarmarky. Přehlídka folkloru ve středních Čechách

  2. Máje 2013 - Kublov49.94470213.875962photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Fotografie ze staročeských Májů v obci Kublov (Beroun), které se konaly v sobotu 11.5.2013.

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  1. The Passion play in Carinthia, Austriap46.6514archive1

    The Passion play at Kostanje/Köstenberg....


  2. Crib from Kropap46.28333333333314.2archive1

    Crib from Kropa....


  3. Hindp46.26666666666715.25archive1

    Wooden (horse?) head with movable lower jaw....


  4. House crib from Mengešp46.1514.566666666667archive1

    House crib from Mengeš....


  5. Reconstructed weddingp46.26666666666715.233333333333archive1

    Reconstructed wedding....


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