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  1. Traditional natural healing - preparations of animal origine49.81749215.472962articleAnatomie užovky

    Animals accompanied man from time immemorial and next to the means of vegetable and mineral to the healing of the applied means of the animal, which had various ways of use. From the consumption of...

  2. Traditional natural healing - preparations of mineral origin49.81749215.472962articleŽlučové kaménky

    Preparation of mineral origine played in traditional natural healing important role. Some of this preparations are a part of contemporary official medicine today. Most important in legacy of our...

  3. Byliny v lidovém léčitelství0.0000000.000000articlePodběl lékařský

    Byliny v lidovém léčitelství označují soubor rostlin, které se využívaly v lidovém léčitelství za účelem uzdravení nemocných nebo jedinců, kteří došli k závěru, že jsou pod vlivem magie. Využívání...

  4. Folk medicine0.0000000.000000article

    Folk medicine - A set of traditional practices for healing people and animals. It consists of both - the knowledge of the organism gained through long term observation , superstitious ideas and magic...

  5. Folk veterinary medicine0.0000000.000000articleLéčba zvířat

    Folk veterinary medicine – a set of practices and knowledge used in domestic animal healing and disease prevention. Each household had at least basic knowledge of animal health . Veterinary...

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  1. kliešte na zubyp48.43219420.712882archive1

    Kliešte na trhanie stoličiek používané do 70. rokov 20. storočia....


  2. svätenie vody\ blessing the waterp49.22715920.330144archive1

    Posviacka vody - na sviatok P. Márie Zelnej....


  3. blessed herbsp48.98806820.822493archive1

    "Zjeľi" - herbs blessed on Holly Mary....


  4. blessed herbsp49.22715920.330144archive1

    Blessed herbs....


  5. blessing herbsp49.22715920.330144archive1

    Curing herbs - harvested herbs carried into the church on the Virgin Mary day....


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