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  1. Dolenjska Museum, Novo Mesto27. 4. 201445.80307515.168131servicemuseum

    It was the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the town of Novo Mesto in 1865 that sparked the first notions of founding a Dolenjska Museum, which would serve to collect a variety of testimony...

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  1. The vine and Noep45.78333333333315.166666666667archive1

    Noe learned the consequences of the vine, when he saw the goat eating it. Archive ISN ZRC SAZU: ŠZ 8/144....


  2. Village Hudo by Stična (2)p45.83333333333315.133333333333archive1

    Villaga Hudo got its name because the plague was there and many people died. People used to say: “Don’t go there it is “hudo” (hard) there. Archive ISN ZRC SAZU: ŠZ 8/124....


  3. Village Hudo near Stičnap45.83333333333315.133333333333archive1

    Village Hudo was named Židana vas. But it had very bad roads.Once a man from Dolenska named it “Hudo” because his horses could not pull the carriage with wine through it. Archive ISN ZRC SAZU: Š...


  4. (How the village Hudo got its name?p45.81666666666715.133333333333archive1

    The Lutherans were afraid of the Christians and hid in the village Židano. The Christians encircled them, and they would not let them out until they Christianized themselves. From that time on thi vi...


  5. From the times of the French warp45.81666666666715.133333333333archive1

    The starwing Frenchmen were defeated by the Austrian army at Pristava near Višnja gora. Archive ISN ZR SAZU: ŠZ 7/58,2....


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