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  1. Kranjska klobasa – The Kranjska Sausage46.26443614.391539article

    Kranjska klobasa (Kranjska sausage) is a typical Slovenian meat product. This kind of sausage is mentioned in the beginning of the 19th century as the product of a butcher in Upper Carniola....

  2. The folk art of Gorenjska Region46.23856914.354482article

    The folk art of Gorenjska Region is showcased by artistically and exceptionally well crafted items for everyday use, which are based on their primary function in everyday life, arranged into four...

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  1. Town Hall28. 4. 201446.23893814.355724servicemuseum

    The Town Hall is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia. Its current shape is the result of joining two buildings, namely: -the older part, which borders Poštna ulica and opens onto...

  2. The Ossuary28. 4. 201446.23807414.355440serviceother

    After the end of the excavations of the large ancient Slovenian burial ground adjacent to the parish church of Kranj, which, on and off, ran from 1953 until 1973, an Archeological monument was...

  3. Museum of Gorenjska28. 4. 201446.23884414.354515servicemuseum

    The heritage models that the Museum of Gorenjska collects, houses, researches and represents are intended for modern needs. They should support the formation and maintenance of regional and local...

  4. Desetnica14. 9. 201346.23800414.355203serviceshopping

    Ethno gallery and shop in Kranj.

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  1. Old woman's millr46.28333333333314.233333333333archive1

    "Panjske končnice" are placed over bee hives. This one is from 1883....


  2. Kranjska sausagep46.2514.383333333333archive1

    Kranjska sausage is typical Slovenian meat product. It is made of ground pork meat and pig bacon. Kranjska sausage is seasoned with garlic and pepper. The filling is stuffed into thin hog casings and ...


  3. About the magic booksp46.21666666666714.333333333333archive1

    The passengers on the train talk about the devil which appears in the well knowen pilgrimage church. Archive ISN ZRC SAZU: ŠZ 7/33,2....


  4. About the magic booksp46.23333333333314.333333333333archive1

    The clergyman chased the thiefs away by reading from the magic books. One student inherited this magic book, and tried to call the devil, which realy came. The student continued to read from the book ...


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