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  1. Grilova domačija8. 9. 201546.35341115.161490servicemuseum

    Grilova domačija je v ekomuzej preurejena stara viničarija na nekdaj vinorodnem pobočju Lipja pri Velenju. Domačija obsega hišo s črno kuhinjo, zelenjavni in zeliščni vrt, čebelnjak, vinograd in...

  2. The Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia8. 9. 201546.37855815.044984servicemuseum

    Tradition with the Leather Smell Leather craft was an important traditional craft during the centuries. This craft overgrew to the industrial level in the period of industrialisation and in the 20th...

  3. The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia3. 9. 201546.37250515.097167servicemuseum

    The museum is the result of work of many generations of Slovenian miners and is a very interesting way of cooperation between the still working Coal Mine Velenje (with an annual production of around...

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