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  1. Slovenian Alpine Museum28. 4. 201446.45795713.936178servicemuseummuzej

    The way is the story – the story is the way In the Slovenian Alpine Museum the past and the future go hand in hand. A rich collection of items with diverse historical stories, rich photographic...

  2. Stara Sava28. 4. 201446.43297214.057344servicemuseum

    Stara Sava is characterised by extremely rich ironmaking tradition, visible at every step. It has all the essential elements of a former iron foundry settlement: Ruard Manor from the 16th century,...

  3. Kolpern28. 4. 201446.43174914.057443serviceotherKolpern

    This was a covered and airy storage for charcoal in foundry settlement Stara Sava. It is shown in the land registry map (1868) that in 1808 the original small building was extended to three connected...

  4. Kasarna28. 4. 201446.43229814.057512servicemuseumKasarna

    Kasarna is a late Baroque building dating from the end of the 18th century. It is one of the oldest preserved examples of common workers’ flats in the country. Ironmaking families lived there...

  5. Museum of Jesenice28. 4. 201446.43297214.057344servicemuseumRuardova graščina

    The Upper Sava Valley is a place, characterised by several activities in the past, but above all ironmaking and mountaineering. The Museum of Jesenice has been maintaining the historical memory of...

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