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  1. Goričko nature park24. 10. 201346.69334916.170502serviceother

    For years Goričko has been a forgotten region since the Slovene perception of Prekmurje reached only as far as the Mura river and the fertile plain along it. The course of events was slower here, and...

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  1. Borovo gostüvanje in Prekmurjep46.68333333333316.116666666667archive1

    Borovo gostüvanje in Prekmurje....


  2. Borovo gostüvanjep46.68333333333316.116666666667archive1



  3. Štefan Zelko's Potteryp46.716.1archive1

    Pottery is a process in which heavy argil soil is made into useful or decorative objects by great effort and high means of designing ability. Pottery originating from Prekmurje is defined by the follo...


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