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  1. House of Chodsko49.81749215.472962articleChodský dům

    House of Chodsko is kind of traditional architecture, subtype of House of Southwest Bohemia, named after ethnographic region Chodsko witch is situated between Bohemian Forest (Šumava) and Czech...

  2. House of Southwest Bohemia49.81749215.472962articleDům jihozápadních Čech

    House of Southwest Bohemia is separated type of traditional czech architecture, which contained three local subtypes: House of Bohemian Forest (Šumava), House of Chodsko and Pilsen House. House of...

  3. P&P (construction company)49.81749215.472962article

    Family houses built in accordance with the local architectural style of the Krkonoše region (Giant Mountains), i. e. the half-timbered house. The entire project of 24 houses creates a unique...


    Krišková, Zdena (Ed.): Revitalisation of Traditional Culture and Local Identity. Cracow: Towarzystwo Słowaków w Polsce, 2013, 39 p.

  5. Lomidrevo/Valibuk49.81749215.472962article

    Lomidrevo (name means something like "timberbreaker"), also called Valibuk or Valihora is a traditional Slovak folk character typical for his unnatural strength, but also for his...

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  1. kitchenp49.815.366666666667archive1

    Osada Klucké Chvalovice. Roubený a zděný dům čp. 7. Pohled do černé kuchyně, vlevo je patrná zaklenutá část pod komínem, kde bývalo otevřené ohniště na kterém se vařilo....


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