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  1. Traditional natural healing - preparations of animal origine49.81749215.472962articleAnatomie užovky

    Animals accompanied man from time immemorial and next to the means of vegetable and mineral to the healing of the applied means of the animal, which had various ways of use. From the consumption of...

  2. Traditional natural healing - preparations of mineral origin49.81749215.472962articleŽlučové kaménky

    Preparation of mineral origine played in traditional natural healing important role. Some of this preparations are a part of contemporary official medicine today. Most important in legacy of our...

  3. Tobacco in the Folk Culture49.81749215.472962articledýmka

    Tobacco is name of plant (Nicotiana) and product, which is produced from tobacco leaves and used for manufacturing cigarettes, cigars or filling pipes. Tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine, which...

  4. House of Bohemian Forest (Šumava)49.81749215.472962articleRoubený šumavský dům

    House of Bohemian Forest is a subtype of House of Southwest Bohemia, which is extended in Bohemian Forest (Šumava) and in surroundings (Pošumaví), in some places in Novohradské Mountains too. In the...

  5. Pilsen House49.81749215.472962articlePlzeňský dům

    Pilsen House is separated type of traditional architecture of Plzeň and surroundings. Older houses are single storey, timbered, houses from 19th century are mostly bricks. This kind of houses is...

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  1. kitchenp49.815.366666666667archive1

    Osada Klucké Chvalovice. Roubený a zděný dům čp. 7. Pohled do černé kuchyně, vlevo je patrná zaklenutá část pod komínem, kde bývalo otevřené ohniště na kterém se vařilo....


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