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  1. Wooden Houses with Traditional Ornamental Painting in Čičmany48.95583018.516571article

    Traditional timber houses in Čičmany are famous for their ornamental decorations. The ornaments are inspired by the local embroidery tradition. Owners of private houses preserve the objects in their...

  2. The Gyűrűfű Eco-Village, Hungarian Living Villages47.16249419.503304article

    Gyűrűfű Foundation ( is an independent environmental organisation focusing its activity on the local watershed situated in the southern hills of Zselic. The foundation was registered...

  3. Stekr´s Mill50.13952912.357928article

    The building stands on the site of a former mill, which was built in 1540. In the 1860s, the mill ceased to be used for its purposes and was rebuilt in the so called Egerland style into a building,...

  4. Butter Museum in Máslovice50.20906614.379842article

    The museum of Máslovice village is situated in a community of the same name, in Central Bohemia Region 18 km, north of Prague. The exhibition contains churning machines, centrifugal machines and...

  5. The folk art of Gorenjska Region46.23856914.354482article

    The folk art of Gorenjska Region is showcased by artistically and exceptionally well crafted items for everyday use, which are based on their primary function in everyday life, arranged into four...

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  1. The making of ETNOFOLK (M30)48.93611119.639167photogalleryETNOFOLK - Dumbier - traditional type of transport of stock (firewood)

    On the way from meeting in Banska Bystrica, we have documented a traditional type of transport of stock to the mountain cottages.

  2. Špania Dolina - obec a muzeum48.80697719.132411photogalleryŠpania Dolina01

    V obci se nacházejí objekty lidové architektury i památky na těžbu mědi včetně muzea.

  3. Máje 2013 - Kublov49.94470213.875962photogalleryPhotogallery image

    Fotografie ze staročeských Májů v obci Kublov (Beroun), které se konaly v sobotu 11.5.2013.

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  1. Kobariški muzej27. 4. 201446.24660413.580905servicemuseumVhod - image

    The Entrance Foyer symbolically introduces visitors to the theme of the permanent exhibition with maps which present Europe's World War I battlefields and the reestablished political borders at...

  2. Slovenian Fire-Fighters' Museum Metlika27. 4. 201445.65136815.317046servicemuseumgasilska pumpa

    The museum was opened on 16 August 1969 on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of fire fighting in Slovenia. The founding organization of the museum was the Slovenian Fire Fighters Association...

  3. Slovensko etnološko društvo27. 4. 201446.05542614.515627serviceother

    Slovensko etnološko društvo je prostovoljna skupnost, ki združuje strokovnjake in študente s področja etnologije in sorodnih ved in za te vede zavzete posameznice in posameznike. Od ustanovitve...

  4. Slovensko muzejsko društvo27. 4. 201446.34064614.175901serviceother

    Slovensko muzejsko društvo je stanovsko združenje slovenskih muzejskih delavcev in eno najstarejših strokovnih društev v slovenskem kulturnem prostoru, saj deluje neprekinjeno že več kot 170 let....

  5. ICOM - slovenski odbor27. 4. 201446.22889915.263355serviceother

    Skladno z ICOM-ovimi načeli in priporočili se ICOM Slovenija zavzema za razvoj muzejev, muzejske stroke v okolju, kjer deluje in omogoča izobraževanje ter druge aktivnosti na mednarodnem nivoju....

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Knowledge base

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Ziljsko štehvanje 1955p46.613.4archive1

    Ziljsko štehvanje 1955....


  3. The Passion play in Carinthia, Austriap46.6514archive1

    The Passion play at Kostanje/Köstenberg....


  4. Haymaking in Zgornje Posočjep46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Haymaking in Zgornje Posočje....


  5. Women from Trentap46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Women from Trenta....


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