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  1. Viticulture0.0000000.000000articleTroja

    Viticulture - agricultural branch dealing with growing and cultivation of grapes and winemaking. In the Czech lands viticulture emerged along with the spread of Christianity in the 10th century....

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  1. Staročeské máje - XIV. poberounský folklorní festival0.0000000.000000photogalleryDomažlická dudácká muzika v Berouně

    Průvody, Ceremoniály žádání o právo, Kácení májky, Pobožnosti, Stylové jarmarky. Přehlídka folkloru ve středních Čechách

  2. Pražské Ďáblice - relikty původní vsi50.14816714.484218photogalleryDablice10

    Obec Ďáblice (původně Davlice) je z pramenů známá od pol. 13. století. Původně zemědělská obec se ve 20. století rychle měnila kvůli rozrůstající se Praze a většina obyvatel vyměnila zemědělskou...

  3. Traditional architecture in Upper Lusatia - village Jonsdorf50.84753214.704556photogalleryJonsdorf01

    Traditional folk architecture in Upper Lusatia (Saxony) in Germany is very clouse to traditional buildings of North and North-west Bohemia. You cane see good examples of timbered and halftimbered...

  4. Staňkovice - one of most beauty village of Central Bohemia Uplands50.58946914.166548photogalleryDům01

    Village Staňkovice was created around the 13th century and it saved original medieval structure until today. In Staňkovice is still preserved lot of timbered, half-timbered and brick houses from 18th...

  5. Vanished village Vitín50.67472014.198890photogalleryZbytek domu01

    Vanished village Vitín is situated on the hillside of Mount Buková near by Labe river close to Malé Březno. Village was created approximately in the 14th century and functioned up to 1945. Village...

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  1. Muzeum Českého lesa v Tachově (Tachov)23. 1. 201449.14964017.001460servicemuseum

    On the site of the former hospital plundered Žižka´s troops in January 1421 during a failed conquest of the city, in 1466 to settle the Franciscans. From 1686 to 1689 , according to the plans...

  2. Muzeum Jana Amose Komenského (Uherský Brod)23. 1. 201449.02772017.646480servicemuseum

    As a result of the patriotic movement the Jubilee Regional Museum originated in Uherský Brod in 1898. Between 1899 and 1951 museum work was undertaken by the Museum Society for South-Eastern Moravia...

  3. Muzeum J. A. Komenského – Expozice Rolnický dům a hospodářství (Vlčnov)23. 1. 201449.00666017.582770servicemuseum

    The museum opened a permanent exhibition on 31 May 1986 called the Farmhouse and the economy.   Currently, this is the last typical building with bunk pantry, scullery and a thatched roof...

  4. Muzeum Cheb, p. o. Karlovarského kraje (Cheb)16. 1. 201450.08018012.370230servicemuseum

    MUSEUM in Cheb was founded by an act of the decision of the city council in January 1873 , lived to see the opening to the public in mid-May of the following year , making it one of the oldest...

  5. Muzeum JUDr. Otakara Kudrny v Netolicích (Netolice)16. 1. 201449.04868014.195760servicemuseum

    City Museum along with information center is located in the best preserved Renaissance building on the square of Netolice . The town house , called the Rosenberg´s.   Ethnographic...

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  1. Kravji bal. Return from the mountainp46.26666666666713.816666666667archive1

    Folk dancing as the cattle returns from mountain pastures....


  2. Ziljsko štehvanje 1955p46.613.4archive1

    Ziljsko štehvanje 1955....


  3. The Passion play in Carinthia, Austriap46.6514archive1

    The Passion play at Kostanje/Köstenberg....


  4. Haymaking in Zgornje Posočjep46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Haymaking in Zgornje Posočje....


  5. Women from Trentap46.21666666666713.633333333333archive1

    Women from Trenta....


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