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Portal into a Timeless World


Slovenian territory meets and interacts Pannonian, Mediterranean and the Alps, which create diverse images of natural and cultural environment. In accordance with the intersections of these three worlds Slavs are facing with the Finno-Ugric, Latin and Germanic population. A settlement culture in Slovenia (clustered and roadside villages, scattered settlements, secluded farms) depended upon natural conditions (relief and climatic conditions) and the economy. The primary material for Alpine folk architectural heritage was wood, stone for Mediterranean and for Pannonian clay, wicker and straw. Man's life in the past in Slovenia is good reflected in its economic endeavor: agriculture, livestock (cattle farming, sheep and goat breeding, pig farming, horse breeding, poultry, etc.), fruit farming, hop growing, viticulture and winemaking, beekeeping, gathering, gardening, hunting, fishing, forestry, salt panning, crafts (pottery, weaving, milling, blacksmithing, plaiting, mead making, candle making, wheel making, leather making, wooden ware trade, shoemaking, making clogs, bell making, pipe making, cooperage, carpentry, carving, lace-making, embroidery making, etc.) and trade (fairs).

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