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The City Museum of Ljubljana is situated in Auersperg Palace, which in itself is an architectural monument, and holds Ljubljana’s cultural heritage of several millennia. This ranges from the 4,500-year-old prehistoric pile dwelling settlement to the present-day charming capital of Slovenia, from the ancient town to the emergence of the modern economic, political, administrative and creative centre.

The mission of the City Museum of Ljubljana is to record, document, conserve, study and present the movable cultural heritage as regards the Ljubljana region. Its collection comprises over 200,000 museum objects accounting for several millennia of the Ljubljana region’s heritage. Special mention is to be made of two findings, i.e. the world’s oldest wooden wheel with a wooden axle and a wooden point around 40,000 years old.

You can visit the City Museum of Ljubljana to view our interactive and thematically designed permanent exhibition about the history of Ljubljana and its inhabitants, or you can visit us in order to see the current temporary exhibitions.

The Museum functions as a meeting point for visitors to various events intended for adults, families or school groups. Lectures, round-table discussions, projections, guided tours, workshops, training courses, concerts and other events are designed to meet the various needs and wishes of our visitors.

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