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Muzeum Českého lesa v Tachově (Tachov)


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On the site of the former hospital plundered Žižka´s troops in January 1421 during a failed conquest of the city, in 1466 to settle the Franciscans. From 1686 to 1689 , according to the plans of architect Martin Allia built a new monastery and in the years 1689 -94 the church Mary Magdalene and St . Elizabeth. The monastery was closed in 1950. In the following years there was established a regional history museum .
Rural households
Counterpart consists of a room with folk painted furniture , which at the time used in rural households in our region. Other rooms are devoted to each specific activity. In one of the exposed objects associated with the cultivation of bees. The rarity here is a straw beehive -shaped female figures.

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