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Muzeum Dr. Bohuslava Horáka v Rokycanech (Rokycany)


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Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horák in Rokycany is a regional institution , more professionally oriented , with collection, scientific research , cultural education and training . It is professional institute for museum and ethnographic work and documentation of the development of nature and society of the region.

The municipal council of the royal town Rokycany decided on the establishment of the museum in 1904 for the mayor's tenure Jana Anichobra at the initiative of Dr. Bohuslav Horak , a professor and later director of the school in Rokycany. It first opened on the 24th September 1905 , this day is also featured as a day of museums . Collections were transferred in 1931 to the building of the former girls' school , which the city devoted to museum purposes - the building is a cultural monument and is still used as the main building exposure . This building was built on the foundations of defunct church and probably defensive buildings after the fire of 1784. The second floor of the building was built in 1844. Since 2003, the museum is being managed by the Pilsen Region.


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