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Muzeum Františka Miroslava Čapka (Lišov)


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České Budějovice



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Exhibition of the museum affects the most important features of cultural and economic history of the city, which were shaped by its location and importance of local crafts and agricultural and market headquarters lying on the ancient trade road from Brno and Jindřichův Hradec to Czech Budejovice. Collection of  items , photographs and contemporary documentary material documenting the everyday working life and festive . Individual products , tools , production sketches and plans of the local handicraft production, especially furniture , which in the past two centuries represented the local dominant economic sector. Lišov´s furniture was not significant only in the former Czechoslovakia , but the furniture products was exported abroad .
Frantisek Miroslav Čapek gathered valuable collection of folk costumes and other objects and a large portion devoted just to Lišov museum.
Since 31st 7th 1938  the museum carriesis his name .

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