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Digitised cultural heritage of Slovenian regions.

Regional portal KAMRA accumulates digitised local cultural content from libraries and other local cultural institutions. Digital content is thus available through one single place and created by the most competent organisations in their respective fields. KAMRA provides them with free infrastructure and also trains new partners, so they can present digitised content of mostly local significance and publish it on the internet.

The content stored on KAMRA is presented in the form of stories with supporting narrations, corresponding digitalised objects and metadata. KAMRA allows users to discover stories that are significant, interesting and in local community’s interest. These may include introductions of local authors and other noteworthy people; documents and photographs of significant local association; postcards from different time periods; local works of art, biographies of the authors and exhibitions; famous buildings, the stories of people who lived in them and a lot more.

Users can now access content that was previously hidden in library storage rooms, archives and museums, associations’ archives or even in the drawers of school staff rooms.

Web portal KAMRA is managed by the Public Library Celje, which works in close contact with regional libraries where the regional editorial boards are based, and also The Slovenian Public Libraries Association.

The content on KAMRA is also available through the European digital library, Europeana,

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