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Museum of Lake Cerknica - Interpretation centre Lake Cerknica




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The lake lives its own life, changing its image from a dry flat karst plain (known as polje) to the largest lake surface in Slovenia.

If you wish to experience it in all its forms, you should dedicate a whole year to it, and even this would not suffice considering that the processes of intermittence and filling of the lake, as well as the life it, change from year to year. Jezerski hram - the Lake Cerknica Museum - is offering you an excellent opportunity to get well acquainted with this world-renowned karst natural feature, its history and outward forms in an hour and a half.


Cerknica polje Ethnological park

With its unique origin and intermittence, the Cerknica polje and its lake marked the people who lived here in a very special way. Through centuries, the inhabitants developed a very particular life: by fishing, making their own skates, cutting the ice, boating on the lake, cutting grass, transporting wood across the lake... Through history, different objects and tools were created, specific for the life along the lake and techniques of their making and use. In the Cerknica polje Ethnological Park, we wish to conserve the rich cultural heritage of the area marked by Lake Cerknica.

The collection includes all possible implements for the old way of fishing, several types of old wooden skates, as well as appliannce for the cutting and storage of ice.

Part of the collection consists of small wooden models demonstrating transportation of wood, hay and livestock over the lake with traditional boat.

A rich collection of literature, records of domestic and foreign experts on the research of Lake Cerknica, is also on display. We keep the first map with the names of all old generally known places and homesteads in entire Cerknica valley as well as maps of the caves in the Bay of Vodonos and Rešeto.

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